Message For Student

A school is an institution designed to provide learning spaces and learning environments.

Sr. Navya FCC
Gandhi High School Sidhi

Principal's Message

“I have a plan for you, says the Lord, a plan for your great future.” God takes pleasure in watching his children do what he created them to do. Parents and teachers are the potters who mould children according to the divine plan of God. If a plant is carefully nurtured by a gardener, it will become good and produce better fruit. Education is not just a process of giving knowledge for a future job but a lifelong process which creates an understanding of moral and ethical values to guide one’s life and make our students the future hope of our country.
In Gandhi school, we hope to create an atmosphere of reverence for education and a healthy environment where curricular and co-curricular activities will mould our students and spur them on to be the brightest and the best. We do try our best to inculcate a value-based education, together with the right attitudes. We are sure that our students of yesterday, today and tomorrow will carry forward the motto of love and unity entrusted in their hands. We hope that they will always do well in their life and keep up high the values they have learnt at Gandhi.
With warm wishes and God’s blessing.